It’s time we get serious about the way we power our electronic devices. Our society has become increasingly mobile and we need to have the technology that can keep up with the demands of our lifestyle.
Wireless Power Technology
Sparva’s technology is a highly effective method of transferring power wirelessly over a distance. Relatively simple in concept and design, Sparva’s multi-patented technology utilizes a combination of radio frequencies and electromagnetic waves in a select harmony that allows electrical current to be transmitted via wireless signal to a receiver that can power a device just as if it were plugged in with a wire . This combination of radio waves and electromagnetic fields allows Sparva's system to break free of conventional methods of power transfer and go far beyond any other wireless means in both wattage and distance.
Current Capabilities
Although the technology has the ability to be greatly improved upon, Sparva's current system is capable of charging and powering almost any device that uses an electrical cord or battery. Larger electronic appliances (television, blender, lamp, fan, etc) that typically use a 110 volt outlet are able to be powered and operate wirelessly within 10 feet. Beyond this threshold, smaller devices such as mobile phones and tablets will still be able to receive a charge up to a distance of 50 feet.
Safety Concerns
An obvious concern for this technology is the gateway to cause potential health problems. As an added measure, Sparva has ensured that all transmission of power is within the threshold set by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC).